Jan 13

More pondering about D&D Next from Critical Hits!

If you have an excellent post to read about the upcoming D&D Next then I heartily recommend you read It Slices, It Dices, It Possibly Does The THAC0 from Critical Hits. A really good thought process about the new D&D from the mind of a programmer!

 The system is rumored to be many things, two of the most common of these being “just another money grab” and “modular”. As my experiences with the R&D team over the past couple years have not included any signs of them being were-packrats who hunt shinies when the moon is full, I can only speculate about the game’s modularity. As it happens, that is the thing that gives me the most hope and the most worry about the upcoming changes to D&D.

This is really well thought out with plenty of humour to go along the way. Go read!

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