Dec 20

More GOG.com bargains with the End of the World sale!

Gog.com logoWell I didn’t think I would ever post this much about one company in a week… but this is really a cracking sale!

At time of posting there is only 6 hours left so if you want in you better be quick! GOG.com are currently doing a massive end of the world sale! Massive number of old games, and indie games are going for some ridiculously cheap prices! The Bullfrog package is 75% off, whereas the “Might and magic madness” package gives you a load of great games like Heroes of Might and Magic also at 75% off!

I suggest you be quick and have a good nosy around there (Theme hospital! For pittance!) – I sense my wallet is going to feel significantly lighter in a few moments. Of course this brings me a whole new level of questions. Does the end of the world happen at GMT or will it be midnight in Australia when the world ends? Will I have time to go home and change after work, or do I need to head straight to the pub? Will I have time to play with my new purchases?

Talk to us!

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