Aug 10

Margaret Weis Productions gains the Marvel License

Announced at GenCon this year – Margaret Weis Productions have managed to get their mitts on the Marvel RPG license and have said they will release not one or two – but 16 books in total!

The first is planned for February, “After the initial February release, we will have these big event books. The event books will be cornerstone products and each of them has three supplements. The first event book will be Civil War. There will be two versions of the event book. The Premium version will include the operations manual, the same rulebook from the basic game, and the Essential version, which has all the Civil War information without the rulebook. If you are interested in Civil War, you can buy the Premium Edition and all three supplements and you’re fine, you’ve got everything you need to play. If you already own the Basic Game, then you just need to buy the Essential Edition of Civil War.” Cam Banks, creative director of Margaret Weis Productions said.

From what I can tell, it will be loosely based on the cortex system (e.g. serenity) but with some changes and I found that system to be pretty good fun when I played it (with some snags, of course).  I know I will be picking it up ASAP!


  1. Craig

    Being a big fan of the Cortex system in general I’m definitely looking forward to this and I’m curious to see how they will tweak the system. From what I’ve heard so far its going to be another Cortex Plus system, more along the lines of Smallville or Leverage than Serenity. Which should be interesting given how much they took the original system and reworked it, to the extent that Smallville felt more like an indie product than something from MWP.

  2. Liz

    Oh excellent! I did love serenity but did find it was a bit unbalanced sometimes when it came to statting up your skills, but we threw a few house rules in to fix that. I shall have to pick up leverage at some point and take a nosy through!

    Lovely thing about the cortex system, I thought at least, was that your Precious D12s got some love as they became the most awesome of dice!

    1. Craig

      Which bit of the skills did you think was unbalanced? I’ve had to tweak a few things but haven’t yet played Cortex outside of my regular group so would be interested to hear what you felt needed tweaking. Serenity itself was also massively improved when Big Damn Heroes came out, which updated the system especially with regards traits.

      Leverage mostly does away with skills and replaces them with profession which is used for all rolls that could come under it. Smallville in comparison completely changes things in that instead of attributes and skills your standard roll is motivation (love, honour, duty etc) + relationship (who are you trying to protect / hurt etc). In both extra dice can be added with the inclusion of traits then you typically pick the two highest rolls from the pool of dice.

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