Oct 13

Legendary V: Eastern and Exotic Weapons

Once again the awesome people at Purple Duck Games is off creating another book as part of their “Legendary” Series and this time – it is awesome weapons from far away places!

Each weapon (there is 15 in total) have a wonderful back story detailing how they came to be and why they deserve to be thought of as legendary weapons.  A nice touch is that you can find some of the back stories link back to previous legendary books and how they all fold together to make this wonderful story emerging.

The weapons, like the Legendary Shields, grow with the character  so there is no fear of putting a mighty weapon of doom into a player’s hands and over-power the party.

The weapons themselves are pretty awesome and I personally really like the artwork that goes with them. The wonderful thing about these particular exotic weapons is that they could spark a wonderful adventure for far off places, in search of them. This can allow your players to have a reason to want to travel to these exotic lands, after all who can resist epic loot!?

Of course, I still feel the same about them as I did about the Legendary shields, more than one in a party could be hard going on you the GM, and I would expect it would take away a lot of what makes them legendary. However with a massive quest and a challenging test these could be the wonderful treasure that is the light at the end of a rather nasty dungeon.

This gets 5/5 from us! So what are you waiting for? Go grab it!

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