Sep 08

Legendary IV: Legendary Shields review

Legendary shields is a PDF by Purple Duck Games – the writers of also the collected bard spell lists.

In this PDF you have a large selection of shields to add to your game as supreme loot for your players to find. Each item has a back story and an explanation how they came into being.

There is fourteen different shields to choose from but unlike the normal kind of legendary shield where there trade-offs to using the shield (usually at a cost that is too great) these are designed differently with the idea that as you use the shield, you unlock the powers they hide!

All shields start at +1 and as you gain levels, so does the shield (although obviously at a slower rate) any powers you gain that for that shield that have any kind of pre-requisites (for example feats) will work regardless. First however you need to attune to the shield, and each shield has a set of pre-requisites.

The shields are pretty powerful, but then again they are legendary shields. These aren’t something you want to give to your party like +1 swords, they are something that are given to the party after an epic quest. These are something that you make the party work for, and when they get them and realise exactly what they are they will feel the entire quest was worth it. I am sure it is helping the environment as well without having loads of +1 shields lying all over the place, discarded for the next piece of equipment that comes along!

There is pretty much a shield suitable for any character that can use them with power to compliment. Although depending on the party make-up it can make it pretty hard to know which shield to put out for your party to grab. I probably wouldn’t recommend giving more than one shield per party so really it is going to be hard to choose which party member gets the prize.

This is a great PDF and is certainly got some great little prizes that you can get your party to fight for. I really look forward to being able to use these in my own game at some point. I heartily recommend you pick it up yourself and see the great things you can include with your game too.

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