Sep 11

King Down Kickstarter Looks Awesome!


So we normally try to avoid posting about Kickstarters on here, as I imagine there are 8092 posts these days about Kickstarter projects. However this one seems really rather too cool to pass on by.


King Down is done by Game Designer Saar Shai, and looks to be a really rather interesting idea. Firstly I ask you to imagine Chess. Now imagine that you can play as one of four kings. Now throw onto that you can use spells, new (beautiful looking!) game pieces, and there can be four of you playing at once. Sounds a bit crazy right? To me, it sounds like a great idea! I now understand why the game is being referred to as the “prequel to Chess”.


The Kickstarter is already doing fantastically well, at time of writing it had reached $67,000 of the $50,000 goal, so now it is on to the stretch goals! The reward level to get the game is $65 (about 40 quid). Throw onto that free worldwide shipping seems like a great deal!

Of course, the question you ask is – is it any good? Well, we are hoping before the end of the Kickstarter to give it a bash and let you know what we think! In the meantime – it does look rather marvellous doesn’t it?

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