HTC Vive Let’s Play: Wake Up!

HTC Vive Let’s Play: Wake Up!


It’s probably not a terribly good idea for someone doing Let’s Plays on Youtube to say: “Don’t watch this video”, but if you’re ever likely to play the rather lovely puzzle game Wake Up!, this video is basically me going through the whole thing and that would spoil the fun.

With that out of the way, Wake Up! is a puzzle / adventure game with a suitably dreamlike motif, where the goal is to Wake Up. There are a series of .. rooms? Areas? Dreams? that you work your way through, solving puzzles along the way.

It’s a lovely game with a nice aesthetic, and the puzzles are intriguing. It’s a good use of VR, with a lot of fun interactions to be had.

There’s an initial bit of confusion at the start where I fail at Making The Controls Work, but hopefully you can forgive me for that!

Wake Up On Steam

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