Mar 26

Gone Clubbing, Part 1

Gaming with your friends is great but there comes a point when you all get so used to each other that the magic starts to fade. In any given situation everyone including the GM knows how people are going to react to a certain situation. Even worse people get jobs, have kids or move away and eventually you have nobody to game with.
A great solution to this is to find a local gaming club, but what do you do if one doesn’t exist or is just impossible to contact?

The simple solution is just to start your own. This is a daunting prospect to many and it’s by no means easy and is fraught with challenges throughout. Having recently started a local club which is just now expanding I’d like to share some of the problems and some helpful advice for any fledgling gamers who want to give it a shot. Rather than boring everyone with a wall of texts I’ll aim to do an article every couple of days each dealing with a different aspect and hopefully encourage some of you to give it a shot.

A lot of this will sound self explanatory but you would be shocked at how few really well run clubs there are out there.

Today’s topic – getting the word out. Despite how easy this sounds it can be the hardest part of setting up.
While it’s tempting to say “Build it and they will come.” who is going to know you’re building anything if you don’t let them know?
Thankfully the explosion in internet access and social networking has made this easier than ever. Set up a Facebook page for the club and post regularly about it to your wall. You never know if friends of friends what you’ve never met will turn out to be gamers who are starving for a game.

Also cross post to any local shop pages in your area. There might not be one close by but if the nearest FLGS is in the closest city the chances are that everyone shops there.

Don’t discount the value of traditional advertising though. Make up a poster and ask around local businesses, colleges, your FLGS and anywhere with a large amount of foot traffic. One of the ways our club got the word which was most successful was just phoning up the local paper and asking if they would do a small article. If you’re fortunate enough to have a resource like Nearly Enough Dice which has a good audience and are willing to do you a shout out this can help as well.

Forums can be extremely hit and miss because of the sheer number of them out there. It can be taxing to post to all of them or narrow it down to only pages that are likely to attract local attention.

The important part is to keep at it. Don’t just do this all just once. Try and re advertise at least once a month. People have busy lives and there’s no guarantee people will see it the first time.

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