Dec 14

GOG.com sale and Duke Nukem 3D FREE!

Gog.com logoRight now, over at GOG.com they are running a rather massive sale each and every day! With different items being on sale between now and the 3rd January you can grab yourself some awesome games from yesteryear (as well as plenty of current indie games!) for just a fraction of the price! At time of writing, you can grab FTL for 50% off, Legend of Grimrock for 50% off, Icewind Dale 50% off… and plenty more where that came from!

Of course that is all very awesome, but for a few hours more you can also grab your Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic edition for free! All you need to have is an account with them! Pretty easy, right?

Of course, what you should be doing is heading over to that website right now and buying Theme Hospital for a pittence at $2.99. I mean, it is Theme Hospital.

So what are you waiting for? Get over while you can!

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