Feb 22


An amazing Deal is now available on GOG.com at the moment for D&D RPGs! Right now if you buy any of the D&D RPG games from them, you get another one Free! Not ONLY that, but if you go ahead and purchase a game with this deal, you then get Temple of Elemental Evil for free AS WELL!

From GOG.com:

This sale includes some of the best RPG games ever made on PC. Gamers can pick up any of the following games as part of this sale: Baldur’s Gate: The Original SagaBaldur’s Gate II: Complete,Icewind Dale CompleteIcewind Dale II CompletePlanescape: TormentNeverwinter Nights: Diamond EditionDungeons & Dragons: DragonshardForgotten Realms: Demon Stone, and Temple of Elemental Evil. Anyone who hasn’t picked up these fantastic classic titles yet could own all of the D&D games in GOG.com’s catalog for under $40–one of the best deals in the digital distributor’s history.

The sale runs from NOW until 28th February 23.59 – So you have until Tuesday to get your hands on this wonderful offer! I know I will be taking advantage of this… $40 for the entire catalog of RPG games that are amazing? Sold!

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