Jun 24

Gnome Stew: Things you can learn from Pixar’s 22 Story Basics

Here’s a good one I found over at Gnome Stew – lessons that can be learned from Pixar’s method of making movies with good stories.

Recently, Emma Coats – a storyboard artist at Pixar – tweeted a bunch of tips for telling good narratives. They’ve gotten collected into a list of 22 story basics (she has more if you check out her twitter) and they’ve exploded all over the internet. kirkdent even suggested it over on our Suggestion Pot.

The tips are great for any type of narrative, and we’re all big fans of learning things about roleplaying from other mediums. So here is Emma’s list, with some analysis and lessons from Kurt and I. We’ve split this into 2 articles because the list and gnome comments got a wee bit lengthy.

Given Pixar’s track-record of amazing movies with wonderful stories, the 22 things are really fascinating.  And  and  give some great analysis on how they can be adapted to role playing games.

Here is Part One.

Here is Part Two.

Check it out!


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