Jun 05

Fiasco: Tartan Noir Let’s Play! Episode 1


This is something we recorded about a year ago, a game of Fiasco playing the Tartan Noir playset.

It stars Me (Mike), Liz, Steve, Craig, and my heavy nasal breathing.  Clearly I needed to put my microphone somewhere slightly different.  Also, swearing.

This episode has the setup, where we discover who our characters shall be, and the First Act, leading up to the Tilt.  After which things will go even more wrong than they had been already.

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Craig is Constable Daniel MacIntire
Mike is Inspector Angus MacReady
Liz is Agnes
Steve is Neil McInnon
It’s all going to go horribly wrong.


Theme tune: RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod – www.incompetech.com

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  1. DC Bradshaw

    Just started listening to this. Glad you’re enjoying my playset!

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