Jan 16

Episode 27: Competitions, discounts, conflicts oh my!


Hosts!  Liz! Mike!

Do not forget about our competition – all you need to do is send an email to competitions@nearlyenoughdice.com! You could win a $10 DTRPG voucher! ENTER NOW! You can also get 15% off if you use NED01 at Awesomedice.com!

Geeky Week

  • Still no gaming 🙁
  • This week I have been mostly been playing Arkham horror the boardgame!


  • D&D 5e announced!  Open Beta!  Player Input!  Modular!  Other things!
  • Atomic Robo RPG is coming from Evil hat productions!
  • Liz’s youtube jaunt of the week is coming back!
  • Edboardgaming is next week! sign up page here!

Bit of Mike


Bit of Liz

Group Topic

PvP! Is it good? Is it bad? Does it make for a long-term campaign? What goes do it well (e.g.paranoia)?


  • Just wondering if you’d mind plugging our local club Inverclyde Roleplayers. We only started up last year but have a small core membership and meet every Wednesday at 7:30 at the RAF club in Greenock. We’re also on Facebook (isn’t everyone these days) @Inverclyde Roleplayers, email podcast@nearlyenoughdice.com for contact details! The members and GMs are up for trying out mostly anything.
  • KoA underground – Monday nights, every 2 weeks, from 6:00pm till Late. (Under 18s must be accompanied by a legal guardian after 10:00pm) at Kingdom of Adventure! Next one is 16th January!
  • LFG on Reddit – http://www.reddit.com/r/lfg
  • DURPS: www.dusa.dundee.ac.uk/durps Mondays and Thursdays at the Union
  • Lothian gamers! www.lothiangamers.org Sundays at St. Margaret’s RC School, Almondvale, Livingston.
  • GUGS: www.gugs.org.uk
  •              RPG Gaming – Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Lacuna area of the Queen Margaret Union Food Factory
  •              Non-RPG Gaming – Saturdays at 11am in Committee Room 1, on the 3rd floor of the Queen Margaret Union



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  1. EldritchFire

    It’s me again, chiming in on your group topic! Just wanted to point out that the Smallville RPG by Margaret Weiss is designed for CvC. Note that’s Character vs. Character, not Player vs. Player.

    I wanted to make the distinction because I’m currently in a PbP, and me and the other players are constantly looking for reasons to get into conflict. CvC is like a car wreck…you just can’t look away! It’s a great game, and a wonderful system that encourages CvC in a good way.

    During each conflict, the players are in total agreement about the conflict, and they ALL want their characters in conflict!

    1. Liz

      You know that is probably the phrase we should use, and the phrase we were looking for! It should really be called Character vs Character, as that is exactly what it is. Implying Player vs Player does suggest it is between two people, not two characters!

      Smallville isn’t a system I have had a chance to play (yet!) although one I would love to try. I will give it a read again and look up about its CvC stuff! Sounds very interesting!

      Thanks again! 😀

      1. Mike

        Yeah, perhaps it should have been “how can you make CvC not become PvP?”…

  2. EldritchFire

    Since we started playing Smallville, I’ve relearned why I fell in love with the system in the first place. I just wish my local group would be willing to try it, but I don’t think they’re into relational drama…/sigh

    Hope y’all get to play it soon!


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