May 20

Episode 97 – What does the thingy do?


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Liz talks about her thoughts of Sim City, Mike talks about the 20th Anniversary edition of  Werewolf: The Apocalypse and finally we decide to take all your suggestions on board from the facebook group and make ourselves some Aliens as our idea brew of the week!



Geeky Week!

  • Fiasco!

  • Mike: L5R?  Can he remember what happens? THE SUSPENSE!!!

  • Liz saw Star Trek: Into Darkness!  So did Mike!

  • Liz is excited that she gets to play Mage on Saturday!



Mike’s Topic

Review of Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition (PDF)

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is giving her opinions on the highly questionable Sim City. What does she think of it? Can she finally build a big town? How many godzillas did she release in her town? Some of these questions are answered this week!

Group Topic

This week we are still continuing with our awesome series of idea brewing! This week there has been requests on Facebook for more creature exploring – and something less fantasy based! So we have come up with….Alien races! A standard thing in futuristic games, we go into making our own alien race that is cool and exciting and different! (hopefully!)



  1. Craig

    Star Trek – I seem to be in the minority here but I thought the movie was rubbish, had too many bits that made no sense whatsoever and just seemed like it couldn’t be bothered with any scene that wasn’t an over the top action combat.

  2. Mike

    Not particularly disagreeing, but I thought the over-the-top action combat was quite well done, so I enjoyed watching the movie, other flaws aside. But the bad bits were particularly bad.

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