Apr 14

Episode 92: Music, Books, factories and all things inbetween


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week we are thrilled about Conpulsion that has just passed, super excited about the Stuffer Shack Voting that starts on Monday, Mike talks about reading game supplements for fun, Liz talks about using music in your game settings and whether it is helpful or not and finally we continue our brainstorming series by building a factory from our imagination!



Geeky Week!

  • No Saturday, GUGs, alas.  But an L5R session where we help ratlings!

  • Liz had her second game of MAGE! 😀

  • Liz went to the Gamer Jam!





  • Next week you can vote for us in the Stuffer Shack Site of the Year award! Once we know the day you can vote for us you can too! lets break through to the Final five again guys!

  • Short Order Heroes

    • Short Order Heroes is a rules-light role-playing game or a tool for spontaneous character generation…

  • StreetPass Competition!


Chris’s Topic!


Mike’s Topic

Reading Game Supplements For Pleasure.  Sometimes it’s fun to just read a supplement even when you have no plan to actually use anything in it.

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is talking about music in your games! How do you pick appropriate music? What about timing, setup and all those weird and wonderful things! (Thanks to Robert for the suggestion!)

Group topic!

More brainstorming!  A factory! Usually in modern times Factories are used generally as an evil base of operation, a method of money laundering and death traps for characters. They are rarely, it seems, used for actual production. So we decide to help you plan out a factory for you to use in your games with a few NPCs to boot!





  1. Jesse

    Mike – I always love reading supplements on the down time. Whether it’s for character or location ideas, or if it’s just to borrow a story plot without using the entire module. Even if it’s just something as minor as reading over a legendary weapons supplement without the intent on using a single weapon out of it, you can still get story ideas from them and figuring out possibly adding the concept into your own game.

    Liz – As for music during a session, I haven’t been a huge fan of it. I don’t like playing just random background music as it can often times distract from the game; even if it’s supposed to be atmospheric, playing Crazy Train during a combat just doesn’t blend in my mind. I have begun to experiment with atmospheric sounds to set the surroundings for the players, though this is a fairly new development.

    Side note for the sound effects: Ambient Mixer (http://nature.ambient-mixer.com/) has been a great resource for me to add ambient sound to a setting. In the woods and need some wind blowing and birds chirping? How about a snowstorm with wind blowing? Maybe a torrential downfall? Or maybe your delving into a cave and need some bat chirps and rocks falling. Mix and match as you please.

    And keep up the brainstorming! I love the ideas that I can stea….borrow for my game.

    1. Jesse

      Also, just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for your well-wishes and thoughts this past Monday. We all appreciate it, and it’s good to know that there is so much support out there. So, thank you.

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