Apr 01

Episode 90: Interview with Rob & Joanna of Standard Action!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week is a bumper episode! We have an interview with some of the folks from the Standard Action web series (Rob and Joanna) Chris Tregenza returns to us AND Mike talks to us about GM-less Systems and Liz talks to us about integrating new players/characters into an existing running Roleplaying Campaign!


Geeky Week!

  • L5R – the Search for Crabs!  …that sounds wrong.

  • Liz keeps playing Monster Hunter Ultimate 3! ARGH BIRDS

  • Mike has spanked the Riddler in Batman: Arkham City!  He’s nearly done!

  • Mike has also gotten his #1GAM nearly into an actual game!


 Chris’s Topic!

Chris is back again with another of his topics! Woohoo!


Interview with Rob and Joanna from Standard Action Web Series!

Because we felt the podcast just WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH we have a little interview with some of the great minds behind the Standard action web series! They talk to us about how they started, what exactly is Standard Action is all about but also let us know they have a Kickstarter starting very very soon! (As soon as we have a link – we will post it here folks!)


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Mike’s Topic

GMless games.  Mike talks about some GMLess games.  How does that even work?  And how do you get people used to the standard GM+Players mindset into the game?

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is going on about Campaigns and integrating new players/characters into them! How on earth do you get  this sudden random rogue to join the party on an epic quest to save the world? Or even why on earth does the ranger or druid suddenly tag along?

Group topic!

We brainstorm a bit of setting for you to use in a game! This week we talk about a Thieves guild! Thanks to @TheMatrixRPG for this topic! How on earth do you even FIND the thieves guild without making a big neon sign?! What could it look like inside? What is the boss like? All these questions and more are kinda answered in our section this week!


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