Sep 11

Episode 9: Interview with Micah Wedemeyer




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Geeky Week

  • Mike’s week:
    • Wampyre
    • I have dropped World of Warcraft!
    • Taken up Champions Online Free To Play (try and guess why!)
    • Playing AvP2.
  • Pathfinder – SHOCKER LIZARDS 😀


  • Purple duck games have released Legendary IV: Legendary Shields and we did a review here! <make hyperlink to article>
  • Kingdom boardgaming is dead! Long live the fortnightly variant! Keep an eye on Kingdom of adventure for more information!
  • On that note, Kingdom of adventure opening hours have changed! Closed on Mondays, open on Sundays!
  • Space Marine is out on Friday! Listen to next week’s podcast to hear what Liz thinks about it!

Interview with Micah Wedemeyer!

We talked (well, Liz did as Mike was far, far away) to Micah Wedemeyer who is the co-founder of Obsidian Portal! We chat about what Obsidian Portal is all about!
Obsidian Portal
Haste podcast

Joint Topic

Gaming snacks! What makes a good gaming snack? Delicious sugar? Healthy gaming snacks?

Looking for Group


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  1. whodo_voodoo

    Right so from now on I think I’ll start using my usual username rather than Craig from now on so you don’t have to continually explain which Craig is which.

    Further to last weeks comment about Deus Ex I have one additional thing to say now with regards it. Great game but gah to the boss fights. Where the majority of the game succeeds at providing choice the boss fights fail so hard by turning it into just a generic shooter where the only option is to shoot and run.

    Space marine – got to agree with the boo to the Ultramarines, the dullest chapter in the history of the Space Marines. Otherwise looks like it’ll be a fairly good game that I’ll probably pick up at some point.

    Obsidian Portal – Definitely a useful website though from personal experience it needs the GM to be fully invested in using it, especially if players are going to start using. I’ve found it to be of most use when it comes to planning things in advance as I can more effectively organise ideas in such a way that I can then quickly pull up the relevant notes when needed.

  1. Kickstarter: Obsidian Portal Reforged » Nearly Enough Dice | Nearly Enough Dice

    […] Portal, a campaign management site for RPGs (Liz interviewed Micah, one of the co-founders, for Episode 9). Based upon a wiki format the site makes it easy to track adventures, characters, items and events […]

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