Mar 25

Episode 89 – 11 episodes to go!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! Apologises for the late episode – it is all Liz’s Fault! This week Mike and Liz continue their series of creating locations and stories for your game and talk about making a temple as the group topic, somewhere for your more devout characters to go to, with a few suggestions of more interesting things to do with such a place! Mike talks about Stronghold 3 and Liz talks about running one-off games during a heavy campaign, and the massive pros that can be gained by doing so!



Geeky Week!

  • Looks like Liz will have a Mage game starting on Saturdays! Woo!

  • L5R – the party – and dark omens – gather!

  • Liz has her copy of Monster Hunter Ultimate 3!

  • Saturday non-GUGS – Dawn of Worlds!

  • Saturday GUGS – Mike runs L5R for the Run Club!



Mike’s Topic

Review-ette of Stronghold 3, a RTS castle-building game from Firefly Studios.

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is going to talk about why it doesn’t hurt to run one-offs on a regular basis! Isn’t the ideal years long campaigns? Liz explains why taking a break and running one-offs are a great idea!

Group topic!

We brainstorm a bit of setting for you to use in a game! This week we talk about a temple! Truly the devout need somewhere to pray! So we need to design a space for them to get their holy on!






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