Mar 17

Episode 88: Back To The Future?


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week, Mike talks to us about Rawbots, a game he has found that involves robots, Liz talks to us about House Rules, the good, bad and the ugly and finally we continue on with our ideas for your game series, where we talk about making a training academy for your game!




Wait, what’s this?  Feed… back.  Feedback?  Do we need to feed someone’s back? Thanks to BurnedFx from The Delvers for his feedback!

Geeky Week!

  • Mike has discovered Rawbots!
  • L5R – the party – and dark omens – gather!
  • Mike is back on One Game A Month, having abandoned February to its fate.
  • Mike played Serenity!


Mike’s Topic

Review of Rawbots!  A sandbox robot building game.  Loved robot wars?  Loved making things from Lego Technic?  Rawbots may be for you!  Currently in playable Alpha!

Liz’s Topic

Liz is going to talk this week about House Rules! How on earth do you manage them? How do you introduce newbies and veterans to them and are they even a good idea?

Group topic!

We brainstorm a bit of setting for you to use in a game! This week we talk about a training house for your PCs to level up in!


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