Mar 11

Episode 87: Cultists for all!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we talk about the Wii U, about games Mike has found on the Android Store that he thinks are rather awesome, and finally we brainstorm up a location for your game: a Cultist’s hideout! What dark secrets lurk in this place of evil worshipping?

Geeky Week!

  • Mike did stuff!  GUGS RAG Week special! Demon Hunters, and Hell4Leather! And on Tuesday, joined the L5R Campaign!  Finished my first Batman: Arkham City – now to get all the side-quests!
  • Liz has a Wii U… but more on that later!
  • We have a Actual Let’s Play of Fiasco happening REAL SOON!


Mike’s Topic

Some Android games i’ve been playing recently:

Liz’s Topic

Liz gives a quick review of the Wii U and her opinions of the console and current selection of games, and whether she thinks it is really worth the cash or not!

Group topic!

We brainstorm a bit of setting for you to use in a game! This week, a cultist hide-out. We try to brainstorm a location you can use in your game, as well as some awesome twists you can throw in your plot too.

Are you enjoying these sections? Let us know!



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  1. Steve

    Oooh, I can answer stuff! RAG week is the charity thing because it’s Raise And Give week.

    But also another really good episode and liking how this setting is coming along.

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