Feb 10

Episode 83 – Interview with Jesse from The Dragon Fisters!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we have a rather awesome Interview with Jesse from The Dragon Fisters Podcast! I heartily recommend you go have a listen! Otherwise Liz talks about Gaming for two, and Mike continues telling us about his One Game a Month adventure!




Chris’s Topic

This week Chris is talking about Tax paperwork for a small business! But more interestingly talking about the stage the new 6d6 books that he is writing are at!

Liz’s Topic

This week, Liz is going to talk about Board Games for Two! Finding good board games for just two people can be difficult, luckily she manages to find Games with Two for suggestions and even throws in a few suggestions of her own!


Mike’s Topic

Mike talks about One Game A Month!



Interview With Jesse from DragonFisters!!

This week we are interviewing fellow podcaster Jesse (FINALLY) from The Dragon fisters – an actual play podcast! Have a listen to hear what we talk about!




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