Feb 03

Episode 82 – TPK Prevention Team!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week we have a special offer available to our listeners, Liz talks about her new dice bag, Mike goes into much more detail about his one game a month challenge, and finally we talk about getting combat “balanced”, and our thoughts into it!




Chris’s Topic

Chris is ALIVE! So he is talking about 6d6 health and healing!


Liz’s Topic

This week, Liz is going to talk about something Dragon Chow Dice Bags! Why? Because her one arrived today and feels the need to squee about it!

Mike’s Topic

Mike talks about One Game A Month!

Group topic

How on earth do you make sure your game is “balanced”? How do you make sure you avoid the obvious TPK? We give our thoughts on this situation and how best to prevent one supposedly “Simple” combat derailing your entire session!




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  1. Jesse

    Liz; I love Dragon Chrow and cherish my Iddy bag! Mike; I cannot wait to download your game and give it a shot.

    Main topic:

    While listening, I was making my checklist of things that I do to make a combat balanced and somewhat interesting. And as I was thinking of things, I was also checking them off every time you guys mentioned them! Know your party, keep things loose, make encounters versatile and capable of being extended or condensed, layer encounters so rounds aren’t just wash/rinse/repeat, and kobolds can tie knots, too. Overall, I agree with everything you guys said!

    During some encounters, if I think a solo creature is too difficult for the party then I’ll take away some Hit Dice or cut the AC to lower the challenge rating by one. I’ll also do things in reverse if I think it’s too easy. And there can always be more goblins right over the hill.

    And Liz, you’re not doing it wrong. I never plan “this encounter will last 5 rounds and take 23.4 minutes” because you never know when a player is going to crit, or if the party is just going to run away. So keep it up!

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