Jan 27

Episode 81 – ITS A TRAP!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we talk about traps, and how they can be GREAT and how they can be TERRIBLE! Mike explains to us about flint and how hard it can be to get in Caveman Chemistry and Liz goes on a nostalgia trip about Baldur’s Gate, and how much she wants more games like it!



Geeky Week




Chris’s Topic

Chris has sadly died of flu, and will apparently not be re-animated as a brain-eating 6d6-creating zombie until next week.  Get well soon, Chris!

Liz’s Topic

This week, Liz is going to talk about a bit of a retro game – Baldur’s Gate! She will reminisce why she loved this game so much, and how hard it has been to find a game like it.

Mike’s Topic

Mike talks about Caveman Chemistry! A rather interesting book about, well, chemistry when you are a caveman!

Group topic

Are puzzles in RPGs really such a great idea? What makes a good puzzle? What makes a bad puzzle? What are some excellent examples of puzzles in RPGs?




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