Jan 21

Episode 80 – With Special Guest Paco Garica Jaen


With your hosts, Liz, Mike and our special guest, Paco Garcia! This week we have a very special guest Pack Garcia Jaen from GMS Magazine! This week we discussed other awesome podcasts you need to listen to, Mike tells us about a game called under the ocean and finally Paco, Liz and Mike talk about buiding worlds together!




Chris’s Topic

 From a very chilly Chris, he talks about branding (not the heretic kind!)

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is talking about Podcasts! Liz gives a rundown of some podcasts she has been listening to recently and gives some recommendations!


Mike’s Topic

This week Mike is talking Under The Ocean, a new exploration/building game, currently in playable Alpha on Steam.

Group topic

How to create your own world? How on earth do you get started when you don’t want to use one of the pre built worlds available but no sure where to start when thinking about building your world? Liz, Mike and Paco give their thoughts and advice on how to go about it.

A previous post on Collabrative World Building.



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  1. Jesse

    I really enjoyed the group topic on world building. You were on point (in my opinion) of not attempting to completely flesh out an entire world from the very beginning in the near futile attempt to be ready for anything at any time. Quite often it’s more fun and entertaining to simply throw a town, village, or city together on the fly as the players and party needs it (or sometimes the exact opposite of what they need a la a town full of ravenous wererats or a bandit village who steals all of their gear at night). While you do often want to put the major cities, countries and points of interest on your map, it is rather pointless to fill in every single gap within your world and ruin the surprise of exploration for everyone.

    And I believe that you are completely right with the value of a good NPC, as well. If you take the time and effort to create this amazing town with a three-hundred year history, detailed shops, and road map outlining the streets and sewer system, yet simply put cardboard cut-out people inside of it, then the players are simply going to walk in, buy what they need, and walk right out. However, just one interesting person can hook them and actually get the party to WANT to learn about the town you’ve just created. You will thank yourself for taking that extra 2 minutes to give the blacksmith a name, a scar on his right hand, and a funny accent.

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