Sep 04

Episode 8: Brain slugs galore!


Congratulations to our two Caption Competition winners! They are Iain Watson and Erik Van Kruiselburgen! A free copy of Way of the Ronin will be emailed to you tonight!

Everyone else – stay tuned for more chances to win Cool Stuff in the future!


Mike is hosting!
Liz is back! Yay!

Geeky Week

  • Pathfinder
  • Vampire
  • Liz – visited American Game stores! ZOMG AMAZING!
  • Liz has also been playing simon the sorcerer! Awesomeness!


  • Team Bondi have gone into administration 🙁 makers of LA Noire…
  • Ultima IV – Available for Free on GoG!
  • Kingdom Boardgaming is the second Monday of the month! Might be changing in the future! Watch this space!
  • DC Big Relaunch is happening!  Justice League #1 is out now!

Bit de Mike

http://cybergen2027.com/ – webcomic!

Bit de Liz

Shadows of the apt book series  – Looks weird, about bugs, but amazing!

Wikipedia link!

Joint Topic

CRPGs – can they be just as good? A poor substitute for the real thing?  Or are they their own thing?

Looking for Group


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  1. Craig

    Nice section with regards CRPGs. I agree that the whole grinding aspect of some CRPGs can get annoying but I think a lot of the more recent western RPGs have shifted away from it. Fallout New Vegas is a good example, its possible to complete the game in under an hour mostly by avoiding combats.

    Combining slightly with the cyberpunk mention of Mike’s section I’m working my way through Deus Ex 3 at the moment and I have to say that in a lot of ways it feels like I’m working my way through a fairly linear tabletop game. True it would be an encounter heavy game but a lot of those can be snuck past or talked through. I have choices and its brilliant. For example I’ve just finished a section where I avoided all combat not by sneaking but stealing an employee card so the guards didn’t think I was a threat.

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