Dec 31

Episode 77 – Happy New Year!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! A very short episode this week due to it being the holidays, so we only have a group topic this week as well as some geeky babbling about new year resolutions, rocksmith, christmas gifts and impending arrivals!



Desert Island Games from Craig!

Geeky Week


  • Christmas gifts!
  • Shout out for suggestions on what Liz should buy herself as her Christmas present!

Chris’s Topic

Chris joins us during this festive season!


Group topic

New Year resolutions! We look upon the new year with a new set of new year resolutions! What do we want to achieve by the time December rolls around again? Can we do it? Listen to us babble on about hopes and dreams!

Mentioned: http://justinguitar.com




Have an excellent New Year folks and we look forward to returning to our regular programming next week!


  1. Whodo Voodoo

    My geeky resolutions for the new year would have to be the following:
    1. Game more – Since moving a year ago I’ve yet to get into a regular weekly game, which is driving me nuts and needs to be rectified.
    2. Diversify – I’ve got loads of games / systems I want to play or run but haven’t.
    3. Blog more – Both here and on my own personal blog.
    4. Run a cracking nationals game – Ok so this one will succeed or fail by March but I want to ensure that my Nationals 2013 game is as good as it can be and that all the players have had fun. I’ve had previous Nationals ruined by sub-standard games and do not wish to spoil somebody’s weekend by running a bad game.

    1. Liz

      Those sound like excellent Geeky resolutions for the new year! Diversify is something I really should be doing, which also helps with the “Game more” situation as well. I should really dust off my GM cap and get running a game.

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