Dec 25

Episode 76 – Merry Christmas!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike!  This week we are talking about what they would take to a desert island gaming wise. Mike talks about some awesome roleplaying books and Liz talks about Cards against Humanity. We also talking about something rather secretive that is announced at the end of the show!!




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Geeky Week


  • No Pathfinder…
  • L5R…  We go into the Shadowlands!  What could go wrong!
  • Liz has been reading the new Dresden File book, cold days!

Chris’s Topic

The Kickstarter numbers are in!

Mike’s Topic

Blood and Honor – an interesting take on Samurai roleplaying.  Also a brief mention of Play Unsafe

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is talking about Cards against Humanity! Warning, we are earning our explicit tag here…


Group topic

Desert Island Games! From Steve:

Liz and Mike, hypothetical emergency: What is the one board game that I absolutely need to go out and buy today? I have friends coming round and a magic board games shop round the corner with everything in it.

So we are taking it one step further and going to say that we are going to a desert island and we only get to take 1 board game, 1 card game, 1 video game and 1 roleplaying game – which ones would we take? What do you think? What would you take? Give us your thoughts and comments about what games you would take to a desert island.

Looking For… Shops?





  1. EldritchFire

    Just started catching up on this one, and y’all are talking about Dresden Files, so I thought I’d chime in. The reason why the first few books were more, uhh, “dry,” is because Storm Front was the author’s thesis book, so he had to hold pretty close to the “formula” of writing.

    After the series took off, he was able to take more creative licence with the books, so there’s that.

    Long story short, Mike, Dresden Files are AWESOME and you’re missing out. Go. Read. Now!


  2. Jesse

    For my stuck-on-an-island games, I’d go with Settler’s of Catan for the boardgame (the games take long enough, and if we’re song expansions then there’s plenty of them), Munchkin for the card game (for the sand reasons as Catan), Rock Band for the video game (because even if you’re alone, you can take the time to learn all 5 parts), and GURPS for the RPG (pretty sure I could play Pathfinder by heart at this point).

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