Dec 16

Episode 75 – Liz returns!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Liz gives her Opinion on Player Options: Dwarves, and Mike goes further into a Understanding Comics… finally our Group Topic is all about players who just KNOW the bestiary back to front, and how you deal with the player who can hear a three letter description of a monster and know exactly what it is. 




Geeky Week 

  • No Pathfinder…
  • No L5R…
  • Towns!
  • Minecraft!
  • Don’t Starve!

Mike’s Topic

Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is giving a brief review of Player’s Options: Dwarves!

Group topic

From Steve!

How do you handle the person with encyclopaedic knowledge of the bestiary? The person who halfway through the description has told the party it’s a troll, its strengths and weaknesses and the best tactics. Do you start using different descriptions? Changing the abilities? Ask them to stop telling the party but accept that they know? Demand knowledge checks and hope they keep the knowledge to what they gain from that?

Looking For Group! 


This Episode of Nearly Enough Dice Podcast is dedicated to Isobel Donno who passed away 14th December 2012. I am sadly not eloquent enough to express how much of an amazing person my Nan was – but she truly shaped me into the decent human being I am today. I will miss you Nan. Thank you for everything. -Liz.

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  1. Jesse

    I have had this issue of meta-gaming monsters come up occasionally, though luckily it has almost never become an issue during the session. When I start an encounter, I very rarely just come out and say what the creature is – unless it’s something that the characters have run into previously or would know thanks to their background – and rather leave it up to a description of what they’re looking at. The players sometimes will get wide-eyed at a particular description when they think they know what I’m describing, however I’m usually quick to cut in with “Do you want to roll a knowledge nature check?” and they’ll either commence with the rolling, or confess that the creature is something that their character would never have seen or heard of before.

    I have run into an issue more recently where we added a new player to the group (The Dragon Fisters at thedragonfisters.blogspot.com (plug)) who hasn’t played D&D since 2nd edition, so there have been many monster changes since then. For instance, they recently ran into an ogre and while the character had seen ogres before, the player himself had misinformation on the Pathfinder version of the ogre. Therefore, when he wanted to light torches to trigger the ogre’s light sensitivity, I had to stop him from wasting valuable resources.

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