Dec 09

Episode 74


With your hosts, Mike and Steve!  This week, Mike asks you “are you a god?”, Steve leaps from tall buildings, and Chris Tregenza talks about the state of the nation.


Geeky Week

Chris’s Topic

Kickstarter postmortem, and the State Of The RPG Nation.

Steve’s Topic

Mirror’s Edge – hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Mike’s Topic

The Primal Order – get your God on!

Group Topic

When is it ok to lie to players? In Munchkin it’s encouraged obviously, but when is it breaking the implicit trust between party and GM? Is saying it’s not an undead heavy campaign fine to avoid a party of 4 clerics and a full plate and tower shield fighter acceptable or is it saying they’ll metagame from day one? What if a DM said they weren’t using adventure modules in case a player buys it or finds it?

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