Nov 25

Episode 72 – Take two!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! After a second attempt, this week Liz talks about a magazine she has picked up for the first time, and Mike gives a review of Champions complete. Finally we go topical talking about a recent comment that Tony Harris made, and we continue on from Seonaid’s article about it…


Geeky Week

  • No Pathfinder…
  • No L5R…
  • Vampire!  Bernard Martelli puts his stamp on the Boston Giovanni!
  • Towns!

Chris’s Topic

About a week left of the 6d6 Kickstarter!

Mike’s Topic

Review of Champions Complete

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is giving a brief review of the D20 Girls Magazine from DriveThruRPG – a geeky magazine about all the awesome things happening with a strong focus, weirdly enough, on women!

Group topic

This week we are expanding on a topic raised by Seonaid, one of our writers! Girl geeks and cosplaying. Tony Harris reckons that ladies only cosplay just to get attention, and women really need to PROVE their geeky status. We give you our insight...

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