Nov 20

Episode 71 – Drugs are awesome?


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Mike and Liz try to give advice for those who are thinking of getting into gaming but are not quite sure how… Mike alsos takes a nostalgia trip and Liz talks about conventions, what she likes about them and a few hints and tips to help you get through them!



Geeky Week

  • No Pathfinder…
  • L5R!
  • Liz went larping and did something silly…

Chris’s Topic

Mike’s Topic

Mike speaks of one of his favourite supplements: The Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide

Liz’s Topic

This week, Liz is talking about conventions! Having only experienced her first few conventions this year, she will give an insight into what she feels are good/bad experiences of conventions and some hints/tips to help you survive them!

Group topic

We got some feedback from Kelly:

Dear Liz and Mike,
I’ve been listening to the NED podcast from the beginning and really enjoy listening to your exploits in RPGs. I’ve never taken part in one myself but your continued enthusiasm has really piqued my interested and I’d like to give it a go.

The thing is I have no idea how to go about this. I’m slightly intimidated by the intensity and fervour of some of the players who may not respond well to a new person who knows absolutely nothing about the rules of the game. Is there someone out there running D&D for beginners?

Are there friendly groups that would allow someone to come along and quietly observe one of their evenings to get a feel for it? Is there lingo I need to learn? Books I need to read??
Enlighten me oh mighty Games Masters!


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