Aug 28

Episode 7 – A month of Sundays!


Part 1: Intros!

  • Mike

We have no Liz!  So helping Mike out this week are:

  • Steve
  • Grant


Caption competition!

Geeky things this week!

  • The weekly game? – Grant
  • Star Wars youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5iBJYWZkhTg

Part 2: News!

Part 3: Steve’s Bit!

Using music in your RP/board games!

Part 4: Grant’s Bit!

Campaign settings – homebrew or premade?

Part 5: Group Topic!

Bringing in new players – both new players to an established game, and people who are new to gaming itself.

Part 6: Looking for Group!



  1. Craig

    A quick comment while I remember. As one of the lucky few to get hold of an HP Touchpad in the firesale I have to say I dont think it would make a massive difference over a laptop when it comes to music in games. I would however say it has already transformed a different aspect of gaming for me, using PDF rulebooks. Reading a PDF is far nicer when I can sit with the tablet and treat it like a book, especially with the ability to rotate the screen to fit the page layout. It’ll probably never replace a physical rulebook for me but I am certainly now more inclined to pick up cheap books for systems I’m only likely to run on occasion.

  2. Grant

    That’s interesting, it’s one of the main reasons I’ve considered ipads and tablets in the past but I was always a bit unsure if it would make a big difference to pdfs or not. But if the reading experience is a lot better maybe I should start saving

    1. Craig

      For reference I wouldn’t say the experience is good enough to make it worth a full price tablet unless the other features of a tablet appeal to you. I paid £115 as opposed to the original price of £430 which is a massive difference. I also think that for just general flicking through to find a certain page printed books still win over pdfs.

      What is really needed is a new file format that merges the advantages of ebooks (reflowable text) and pdfs (uneditable with good image support). Plus for more publishers to properly make use of hyperlinked contents, indexes etc.

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