Nov 04

Episode 69 – F’nar f’nar (we might be like twelve year olds)


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! Oh Matron this week we are talking about a severe lack of geeky ongoings with us both, but we do talk about how Mike is getting on with Rocksmith, how Liz is getting on with XCom and finally we chat about some of our most favourite modules/supplements any why we love them so! We also have heartwarming feedback! yay!



“I like +Nearly Enough Dice because of their theme song. Too many RPG and geek-related podcasts have themes and intros that sound like the opening credits of action movies or commercials for XTREME!!!!!!!!1!! sports events.” – Thank you Steve!



Geeky Week

  • L5R!
  • Vampire!
  • Minecraft

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Chris explains why he is sleep deprived…

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz talks about Xcom: Enemy unknown! After doing a playthrough with her husband, Liz has a few comments on this here game…

Mike’s Topic

Rocksmith, the One Week Review! Mike tells us how he is getting on with learning the guitar I mean playing a game!

Group topic

Favourite gaming supplement! Which campains/extras/genuine supplements do we love? Which ones do we really, really remember? We try to explain to you our favourites! What are yours?

Looking For Group!



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  1. Jesse

    I think I’d have to say my most favorite supplement/companion is the Mecha Compendium for d20. While primarily for use with d20 Modern and Future, the one thing I love about the d20 system is that if I really wanted to just run a really messed up campaign, then I could take D&D and throw laser guns, giant robots, and AK-47s into the mix. But the great thing about the Mecha Compendium is that it adds giant mechs – And even has a set eerily similar to Voltron (though I’m sure that’s complete coincidence).

    Who knows, maybe some day a group of crypt adventurers could come across a strange set of metal doors when suddenly a bright green light flashes over them and they’ll be tasked to protect the galaxy from Orcus…. or something.

  2. Whodo Voodoo

    Thanks for the welcome Liz, hopefully I can keep a regular flow of articles and reviews coming for the site.

    I’ve got mixed feelings about Disney buying Lucasfilm, while I think the movies will be better than the prequels the fact they’ve stated they plan to do episodes 7-9 and then another movie every 2-3 years after puts me off, it feels like they never intend to have an end point.

    Oh and I’m bored of Jedi, which will probably be the focus of any new movies. All the best expanded universe books were ones that dealt with the wider setting and normal people within it.

    With regards the topics I’ve just finished XCOM (on normal mode but I’m planning a Classic difficulty on Ironman mode) as well and have to agree that it’s a great game, it really captures the feel of the original without being as complicated. I’ve got only one major complaint about the game, that on the PS3 there is occasional stuttering. Without playing it on the XBox I’m not sure whether its a general console problem or just that it hasn’t been properly optimised for the PS3.

    As for favourite modules / supplements I’d say mine would pprobably be the Relics of Power adventure trilogy from Torg. Its an epic adventure that really brings out the best of what Torg has to offer and its also great to see how later modules connected with it to create an ongoing in game time line that spanned the start of the invasion right through to a final climatic fight.

    1. Jesse

      I’m fine with them making more Star Wars movies – In fact, I’m looking forward to a revamp, or resurgence, or the franchise. I know that the prequels left a bad taste in everyones mouth, so I’d like to see a pallet cleanser in these next ones. After all, they were really able to boost the production and quality of the Marvel films.

      The one thing I am disappointed with is the fact that they’re planning on making them every 2-3 years, like you said. I really don’t think that they need to water down the franchise like that. Making 7-9 with a few to four years apart would be fine. However, I can’t imagine getting an Episode 10 in 2022 (god, that sounds so far away but it really isn’t).

  3. EldritchFire

    Best gaming supplement: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear for WEG Star Wars D6. Not only did it have some really cool and creative gadgets/weapons/etc, it did so with in-character blurbs! The blurbs could be anecdotes of its use, how to use the item in an interesting way, or the differences between this one and that one!

    It was GREAT!


  4. Scott

    Something to note, the film “Iron Man” and the whole Marvel movie “universe” idea came before Disney bought them. It was produced by Marvel Studios, Fairview Entertainment, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Iron Man II, Thor, and Capitan America were also not Disney. Our first “Disney” movie was “The Avengers”.

    That’s not to say Disney didn’t contribute to the franchise. They defiantly ramped it up with a bigger budget. They gave the Avengers the kind of funding it needed to push it from a “good” film to a “great” film. I have a feeling that we won’t REALLY see their impact for a few more films. (They say you can’t judge a president until 4 years after he’s out of office, same applies)

    On the same vein, I think Disney will do ok. They have entered a period where they are employing a new tactic. They are larger enough to acquire large and successful companies/IPs. Then they basically wind them up and let them go. From what I heard, they didn’t do any changes over at Marvel. It’s just business as usual with a bit more funding and Disney being their go to guys for any media options. They are taking the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. They are just lashing themselves to money making enterprises

    I think the same thing is going to happen with LucasArts. If they are smart, they will provide them with the tools, infrastructure, and funding they need to produce media while guiding them with their own experience.

  5. Briarstomp

    One of my favorite supplements us Pixauds Practical Grimoire from the TORG game. I was never able to get folks to play TORG for more that a session or two, but I always loved the flexibility of this spell design system.

    After all these years I still find myself trying to shoehorn this spell design system into whatever fantasy game I’m playing.

    Briar Stomp

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