Oct 28

Episode 68 – a dwarf, elf and a human walk into a bar…


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz and Mike are talking about some classic Computer games and talking about how disorganised we can be! We also go on to our group topic and discuss how on earth you get a dwarf, an elf (who hates dwarfs), a human who is slightly crazy and the chaotic evil thief to spend more than 5 minutes together!


Geeky Week

  • Pathfinder!
  • L5R!
  • Vampire!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

The Kickstarter is about to go live!


Mike’s Topic

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time! Going back in time to remember this rather awesome game!

Liz’s Topic

So, this week Liz talks about organisation… specifically why organisation is an important trait as a GM! She shares her experiences of being a GM and being completely unprepared…

Group topic

How do you get your gaming group together at the start of a campaign WITHOUT having to involve a tavern? We come up with the ways we try and get our groups… together… Awwwh…

Looking For Group!



  1. Jesse

    THANK YOU FOR COVERING AWESOME KICKSTARTER STUFF! We all live mere towns away from Guard Up (and have actually hunted zombies there before) – I had no clue about this. But, thanks to you guys now I do. And now I can turn all the heads (and wallets) of the DF crew towards this awesome group.

  2. Jesse

    I always love to hear how other GMs plan (or don’t plan) for their campaigns and sessions. For me, I keep a plethora of notes in my Google docs – complete with crib sheets on all the locations, events, and significant figures of the lands. I have a campaign outline document that has various sections segmented out for various areas and trigger events for when/if the party does something particular. In this outline, I color-code everything to signal that either the party has accomplished something, that there is something they will never be able to do, or that they have done that i did not plan for (which happens more often than not).

    Before the campaign, I always collect a copy of their character sheet to input into my Combat Manager (and if you use a laptop during your sessions, this is a must-have: it allows you to input players, NPCs and monsters, as well as track initiative). However, I’ve lately taken to just having them throw up their characters onto Obsidian Portal – a great site for the nit-picky GM.

    All told, I spend a lot of time planning for campaigns, but as Mike said – it often takes more planning to not plan ahead than it does to have a carefully laid out adventure. When you give your players the option to go in any direction, they’ll probably chose to dig a hole to the Underdark.

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