Oct 21

Episode 67 – The sound of the lurgy!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we also talk about our absolute WORST gaming moments! Those that cause your jaw to drop and try and work out what EXACTLY happened, while still groaning out load and shaking your head! Liz gives her first impressions of Mists of Pandaria and Mike talks about plot points and story writing!


  • MOAR Conpulsion news! The theme has been announced!

Geeky Week

  • No Pathfinder, again!
  • L5R, if Mike can remember what happened!
  • Vampire!
  • Minecraft
  • MTG and WowTCG week for Liz!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Chris talks to us about the specifics of setting up his kickstarter!


Mike’s Topic

Dan Well’s Seven Point Plot Structure

Liz’s Topic

Liz talks about her first view of Mists of Pandaria! Finally cracking open her collector’s edition and completing the starting area for Pandarians… she will give her first current rough thoughts on the game!          

Group topic

We talk about the dumbest thing we have EVER seen in a game! The names have been changed to protect the sillys…

Looking For Group!


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  1. Jesse

    I have to say, the dumbest thing I’ve seen thus far has to be from one of my players and fellow DFer, Dave. During our last campaign, the group was a rag-tag bundle of misfits, and Dave’s druid character Fenris was the leader of the bunch. At one point, they were scoping out a bandit camp, when the priestess assassin (played by Kelli) decided to further investigate. Fenris tagged along for added protection and watched her sneak up to the camp outskirts….awfully.

    What ensued was a John Woo-esque fight between the assassin and one of the watchmen where they disarmed each other, tripped, rolled on the ground, jumped and rolled some more. Finally though, it ended with a sword in the throat of the priestess – all while Fenris just sat on the sidelines and watched.

    When the fight was over, the only sentence from Dave was “Well, that plan didn’t work.” A slew of profanity flowed from Kelli’s mouth so foul that I think babies cried. Many, many babies. His plan literally consisted of her fighting and either beating him, or being taken captured. Great plan.

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