Oct 06

Episode 65. Time to retire!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! Liz takes time from packing to go judge card games in Europe to talk about her creative process, Mike talks about strange men in dresses living in far-flung towers doing strange things with eyes of newt, Chris runs some numbers, and we give some ideas to help new players.


Thanks to everyone for your feedback! It is awesome!


  • Steve’s spent a fair bit of the week pouring over Legend of the
    Five Rings character creation rules as he’s now received confirmation he’s
    been selected for the Winter Court 3 play by post as one of the Dragon
    Clan representatives. Grats Steve!

Geeky Week

  • L5R! New characters…
  • Pathfinder!
  • Vampire?
  • Minecraft!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Chris works through the numbers on the upcoming Kickstarter project.  Plus, Indie+!

Mike’s Topic

Ars Magica

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is giving her opinion on designing a campaign, what she does and how she does it and why she makes sure to have paper everywhere!

Group topic

Beginners tips on roleplaying! Some really simple tips that are great for new players! Here are some really obvious pitfalls you can avoid!

Looking For Group!


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  1. Jesse

    I’m in your boat, Liz. I’m constantly jotting down ideas using my handy dandy Evernote app; putting down fun and interesting things I see, hear, and think of throughout the day. When I get home, I then jump on my laptop and throw the ideas into one of 3 places: Current campaign, future campaign, or partial.

    Obviously, the current campaign is the one that we are running at the moment – it’s an idea, encounter, puzzle or place that I believe will fit into what we are doing. This is also helped by the fact that I’m constantly re-reading the campaign outline and tweaking, or in some cases outright changing, things in the story to make then (hopefully) better.

    For the future folder, it’s full of both “complete” campaigns (though in my opinion, the only time a campaign is complete is when the players have run it and it’s too late to make changes), or general campaign story arch ideas that haven’t been fleshed out, like “dragon hunters” or something. This way, I always have that catalog of ideas at my disposal just in case.

    The last folder is chock full of ideas that don’t really belong anywhere – they don’t fit in the current campaign and there isn’t a campaign idea that they really go with yet. With this area, eventually I either have enough that for together that they make up their own campaign, or I eventually come up with a story that I can fit one or some into.

    While this does leave me with a jumble of word docs and a ton of folders, the process so far has worked for me, to the point where I don’t think I’ll be running out of campaigns for several years now. Just my two pence on the topic.

    Also, I think that your ideas for new players aren’t limited to that scope – allof those are ideas that I think veteran players should be reminded of from time to time. Especially rule number 1 about the “roll-playing”; that’s a problem that many established players fall into after a while.

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