Sep 29

Episode 64 – 4 cubed!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz!  This week, Mike can’t remember things and talks about building, Liz talks about giving, and the 6D6 Kickstarter project is revealed!


Comments on our posts!  Mike is oblivious!


  • Return to Ravnica pre-releases start this weekend! Very exciting!
  • Humble Bundle 6 has had more games added woo!
  • War of the ancients is also getting released soon as well! Sneak previews

Geeky Week

  • L5R! New characters…
  • No Vampire!  No Pathfinder!
  • Minecraft!  Zombivator! Self-building ceilings!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Chris reveals the chosen Kickstarter project!

Mike’s Topic

Building things in Role Playing Games

Liz’s Topic

This week Liz talks to us about charity – specifically with regards to gaming! How can you help while getting your weekly game on? Charities and games combined!

Group topic

Getting the tone of your game right. How do you get your horror game to be scary? How do you get your serious conversations to be, well, serious? How do you get your players to go along with this, and does this work for every group?

Looking For Group!



  1. Jesse

    Listening to Mike talk about building within a game really set me off of a string of ideas that I can incorporate into my next campaign. Talking about the physical things that the characters can build and develop within the game – anything from their individual houses, to their guild quarters and even their entire city – is really something that can personalize the game for the players and make them more invested in the outcome of what’s around them. I completely agree with you on this.

    Breaking it down into more of a figurative “building”, I always push my players to build up their characters as they progress throughout a campaign. I try to make sure that every decision they make when leveling is another layer – another brick – for their character’s story and plot. I impress upon them that each skill point should reflect where they’ve come from, and each new ability should show a problem that they have learned to compensate for and overcome.

    All of this personalizes the character and environment that the player is in, giving them a much more mental and emotional connection to the game and in turn draws them in further. All of this provides a much more detailed campaign, and a more fun experience, all with minimal work from the GM (which is a huge plus).

    1. Jesse

      … And what ever happened with that poor abuses d20?

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