Sep 24

Episode 63 – now with all the content!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz and MIke talk with Chris Tregenza about Indie+ and Kickstarters ahoy! Liz apologises for failing miserably at editing a podcast correctly. Liz also talks about FTL and how much she loves it and Mike talks about Black mesa!



  • Gugs News

    • Pokemon Pubcrawl
      • As part of our ‘welcome freshers’  package our fabulous social team have devised this awesome pub crawl.  On Friday 28th September you will be traveling round all of the West Ends finest Pokemon Gyms/Bars in an attempt to become a pokemon master.  Gotta Drink ‘em All. For more info talk to Kenny, full rules should be posted on the facebook soon.
    • GUGathon
      • The first all day gaming event of term will be held on Saturday 29th from 11am – 11pm in the food factory, we’ll have games, quizzes, prizes and an all new debate section.  It should be an awesome day.
  • Humble Bundle 6 is now out!

Geeky Week

  • L5R! New characters…
  • Pathfinder!  You will not believe this one!
  • Vampire!  It is the Swinging Seventies…
  • Minecraft!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Chris talks to us about kickstarter!

Mike’s Topic

Mike talks about Black Mesa and what he thinks of it!

Liz’s Topic

Liz talks about FTL – Faster than light! No, not the technology but the game! After sinking a ridiculous number of hours into it so far she decides to let everyone know what it is, and why they should buy it!

Group topic

Chris Tregenza talks to us about Kickstarter, Indie+ and all things in between! We talk about the surprising information about the statistics behind kickstarter and the current new dates for Indie+ 2!

Looking For Group!


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