Sep 09

Episode 61 – Kidnapped!


With your hosts – Sam and Phil?!! This week Liz and Mike have been kidnapped and now two different hosts have taken over! With their special guests Iain Lowson and Rowena Aitken they go ahead and take over the entire show talking more about burnout, about NPCs in your games as well as delicious news and plenty of juicy info-filled interviews too!



Thanks to Jesse and Steve for their excellent views on feedback after the last podcast.

Games News

PAX going international – plans are already in place for Australia, the first PAX outside of the US, but Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik have expressed an interest in heading to the UK in the future (will discuss whether us Brits are too reticent to travel in comparison to other nationalities)

D101 Games http://d101games.co.uk/ Crypt’s and Things Masters scenario packs! and that The Open Quest 2 Pre-order is on indiegogo.

OpenQuest is a D100 fantasy game. Based of D100 games of the 80s/90s, it takes a simplified and streamlined approach to these classic rule sets. It is a complete rulebook, with rules, monsters, spells, a setting (The Empire of Gatan) and adventures.

There are 30 days left to support, this already great D101 Games product, and a mere $10 gets you a PDF of the rules with softback and hardback covers going to the even more generous.


Final Fantasy XIII – announced during the 25 anniversary celebrations for the FF series, this will be the third and final in this sequence of FF games (will bring up my personal opinions on FFXIII – extreme disappointment, can’t wait for it to end)

After eight years of work, fans are about to release an updated and expanded version of classic video game Half-Life.
Called Black Mesa, the resurrected game will be made available as a free download on 14 September.
The update has been put together using programming tools released by Half-Life creator Valve.
It will have improved graphics, better physics and environmental effects and a tweaked story line.


Interview with Rowena Aitken!


Fantasy Alphabet http://fantasyalphabet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/all-26-sketches.html


Busy Times (replacing Geeky Week – because we’re busy geeks)


  • End of Ordinary People (or is it?)
  • Slime Time
  • Gears of Glory – Beta

Beta will be released soon and will initially be on PC.

A casual, technical racer for folk to dip in and out of but still need skill so the more time you put in the more time you can cut off the laps.
Like the angry birds of casual racers 😉

Interview with Iain Lowson!






Subject of the week – Non Player Characters in RPG.


The good, the bad and the indescribable.

What makes a good NPC. What are the hardest ones to play and how do you get the best out of them, as a player and a GM.

Starting with Sam – Tweet RPG and Boomer.

The Sam and Phil interviews

Sam and Phil release Liz and Mike (finally) so they can ask them questions about what they’re doing.


Interview with Sam Richards!




Interview with Phil Harris!


Blazing Griffin





Looking For Group!

  • Gugs! – Saturday is not running just now…
    • Fresh from the GUGS Facebook page: Steven McGowan Freshers week is next week, with freshers fair held 11/12th in the Main Building. We don’t know the location of the stall yet, will update when we know. The first meet is the following week (18th) And we will have One shot games for that week, and the following week. We should also have a gugathon on on the 22nd, and a pub crawl on the 28th
  • Watt Gamers!
  • GEAS http://www.geas.org.uk/ – The Edinburgh University RPG society opens its doors to new and old, student and non-student at its event at the Meadow Bar (Edinburgh) on Saturday 15th of September and has its first RPG sessions from 1pm at the Games Hub Edinburgh – The gaming café to be at on Sunday 16th September.
  • Lothian Gamers
  • ELG!



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  1. Jesse

    While those at the Nearly Enough Dice Podcast might not condone putting babies into the street, we at the Dragon Fisters Podcast do find it hilarious.

  2. Phil Harris

    The comedy value is essential though Jesse, otherwise they just get between your toes.

    1. Jesse

      Is that before or after you put them in the street?

      1. Phil Harris

        Before. In the wagon wheels and horses hooves after.

  3. whodo_voodoo

    Ok so having listened to this weeks podcast I now feel the need to go and buy Dark Harvest, sounds like an awesome setting. I wonder if Iain has seen any of the clips for the upcoming video game Dishonored, it almost sounds like it could have been pulled straight from the Dark Harvest setting.

    1. whodo_voodoo

      Oh, also the link to the Dark Harvest website is missing the actual url link bit, just opens a blank page at the moment.

    2. Iain Lowson

      I’ve seen the Dishonoured footage. Been following that with great interest. Love the flexibility in the way you can complete goals. The setting is fascinating. Not sure if it’ll replace Rapture in my affections, but we’ll see. 🙂

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