Aug 21

Episode 6


Warning: this is a big one, what with an extra host and an exclusive interview!  It’s economy sized!

Part 1: Intros!

  • Liz
  • Mike
  • Special guest star Grant!

This week’s episode is brought to you by pretending Mike did the show outline on time!


Mark, from Purple Duck Games wrote about the Four Colour System, and we say you should check out that, and also Purple Duck Games stuff.

Geeky things this week!

  • Game of games – nobody threatened each other!  Back to town decided to go to sandpoint – smelly monk enroute! Fight with orcs – ambush! DIRE BEAR nearly killed our rogue then fought sandpoint DEVIL DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!
  • Liz has been playing Baldur’s gate 2 like its a crack habit – Thanks GOG.com!
  • First session of vampire! Oooooh! Characters made, went to inn, just stopped just intro’d to vampires! MONK CRAZY! Amma dude who selected you! Scary castle, purty dining room, 13 peeps! 13 spare seats! Last line: “I bring you the finest samples…”
  • The Best Tower Defense Games http://www.ugo.com/games/best-tower-defense-games and another mention of Kingdom Rush.  Because it’s that good.

Part 2: News!

  • Nothing happened in Roleplaying at all!

Part 3: Liz’s Bit!

Part 4: Mike’s Bit!

Super Special Interview Bit!

Cam Banks, Creative Director at Margaret Weis Productions very kindly joins us to talk about some cool new products they’re working on!

Special Guest/Group Topic: Grant’s Bit!

All about traps, apparently.

Part I’m Not Sure What Number This Is Now: Looking for Group!


Before we go to the normal outros, Grant plugs Lothian Gamers.


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  1. Mike @ Nearly Enough Dice

    Commenting on my own podcast, how sad is that…

    On the subject of traps, I was thinking about designing traps like we design boss monsters – interesting threats that may change over time. So where a monster might summon minions, a closing-wall trap might grow spikes. If a boss monster suddently gets more dangerous when they are below X% hit points, so a pit trap might have a secondary trap which triggers when someone has climbed half-way up the pit wall.

    Another example from Raiders of the Lost Ark – there’s a series of traps up until you get the idol (you think you killed the boss monster) and then everything starts collapsing and the Big Ball Of Doom bears down on you (..when suddenly it leaps up, enraged!).

    Just as a boss monster fight should be a story in and of itself, within the larger story of the game, perhaps a set-piece trap could do the same.

    1. Grant

      I’ve been having a bit of a ponder about this as well and I think you’re right, maybe the big set piece traps need to be as important as big set piece monsters/bad guys. Time to wander off and have a think about a few nasties for the party…

  2. Mark Gedak

    I just finished the first level of my Purple Mountain megadungeon. One I really like.

    1) There is a wand of summon swarms found early on in the dungeon. The mite cultists have strategically left this item for the players to find. The surprise for the players is that vermin are controllable so if the heroes use the wand it will be turned against them.

    1. Mike

      Mite spawns? twitch twitch

  3. Steven

    I had an idea in a moment of inspiration from hearing about the pit trap with the illusory floor for a potentially interesting trap – one that teleports the victim into an identical dungeon/location but with either no/more dangers/monsters and that one has a trap later that will return them to the original dungeon but possibly separated from the party by other traps/monsters.

    And as for the Cthulhu Britannica: Shadows of Scotland review, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few weeks more for that – I’m delaying finishing my review until mid-September as I may end up using it the week of the Cthulhu one-shot…

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