Aug 26

Episode 59


With your hosts, Mike and Steve!  We visit the World of Darkness both old and new (warning, Mike rambles quite a bit), look over our shelves at what’s gathering dust, and Chris Tregenza talks relaunches and crowdsourcing


  • New Tabletop – Episode 11! Elder Sign with Felicia Day, Mike Morhaime and Bill Prady
  • New WotC D&D Next adventure: Reclaiming Blingdenstone as well as the Sorcerer and Warlock classes.
  • There is also the D&D Podcast, currently having the Penny Arcade and PvP crew learning about D&D Next, with Mike Mearls telling them how the next iteration of Acquisitions Incorporated may look.  Interesting as they players who first started with 1st Ed, and those who only know 4th.
  • Warning!  Time destroying link for GMs who want ideas and have hours to spare before they actually plan anything!  The TV Tropes Story Generator

Geeky Week

  • L5R!  Thrills!  Spills!  Diplomacy!
  • Liz is in a field!
  • Vampire with actual vampires in it! It’s 1959!  Rock and Roll and stolen furs!

Chris Tregenza’s Topic

Professionalism, crowdsourcing, and the relaunch of 6d6rpg.com.

Mike’s Topic

The Old World of Darkness from the viewpoint of an old gamer.

Steve’s Topic

The New World of Darkness from the viewpoint of a younger gamer.

Group topic

The “Maybe one day” pile – things on our shelves we have never used.

Looking For Group!



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  1. Jesse

    Love the TV tropes generator – thank you for ruining my work day. Also waiting on when you two are going to do your D&D Next chat?! You keep teasing us nearly every episode 😛

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