Aug 12

Episode 57 – Adventures in LARPing!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz talks to us about her adventures in the land of LARP, about the Draft Rallies she is preparing more and also about how to get your games back on track. Mike keeps us up to speed on L5R and babbles at us about another one of his favourite things, Fading Suns! Finally we go on about Diceless systems and what we think of them.



Geeky Week

  • L5R – Wyvern-related shenanigans and the end of the war.
  • Back to gaming next week! WooHoo!
  • Gearing up for the Draft Rally
  • Also still drying my tent :/

Chris Tregenza Returns! Welcome back!

This week Chris talks to us about

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Mike’s Topic

Babbling about Fading Suns

Liz’s Topic

How to pull a game back on track after a massive party derailment. Without it being horrendously obvious…

Group topic

Diceless gaming – do we actually know anything about it?

Looking For Group!


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