Jul 28

Episode 55 – Liz returns!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz returns from the shores of Europe with stories to interest all! She then goes on to explain her geeky hobby in her section, while Mike takes us down nostalgia lane in his. Finally we talk about awesome online tools for your gaming needs and make a call out to you guys for more suggestions!


Hie thee to Our Birthday Post and leave a comment to have a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Things to give away:

1) 6d6 Tshirt – Large (UK only unless you want to help with postage?!) – Thanks to 6d6 for this!
2) $10 DTRPG Voucher
3) $5 DTRPG Voucher
4) 10 runner ups – Nearly Enough Dice Podcast postcards with something silly written on by Liz and Mike! (which also have a very special property thanks to Phil and Conpulsion 2013! a FREE Tshirt for Conpulsion 2013!)
5) Free electronic copy of Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord!! Thanks Purple Duck Games!
6) A free set of dice is also available from Awesomedice.com – thanks Awesome Dice!!
7) 1 very special runner up – a d20 from Liz’s PERSONAL COLLECTION!
8) A Free copy of Doodle Dice Monster – thanks to Little Red Goblin Games for adding to our delicious prize pool!!

How to Win – simply leave a comment on our birthday episode show notes to stand a chance at winning these delicious prizes! More to come this week as well!



Jesse!  Living World and Suspense! Thanks for your feedback Jesse – and remember to give us a shout if you have any feedback you have – good or bad!


Geeky Week

  • L5R!  Battle is joined!
  • Liz talks about her judging experience! Plus she talks about Prague!
  • Mike has been playing NannyMUD, which is like an MMO for old people.

Chris Tregenza is on holiday! Enjoy your relaxation Chris!

Join in the discussions! Talk to 6D6 here:

Liz’s Topic

Beginners guide to Wow TCG – what is it and why is Liz addicted to it?

WoWTCG website

WowTCG UK community

Mike’s Topic

I may babble about MUDS for the benefit of you youngsters with your 3D graphics and real-time combat.
Discworld MUD
Top Mud Sites List

Group topic

Favourite online tools!
WOTC Dice Roller
Evernote (for keeping notes of games!)
Obsidian Portal (run your games the awesome way)
Incompetech’s Free Online Graph Paper!

Looking For Group!



  1. Jesse

    Incompetech’s Free Online Graph Paper is the same site I used to get my hex paper for the world maps! Great site, especially since you can mess with the measurements of the graphs to get exactly what you want.

    1. Jesse

      …And I’ve used Evernote for years now, but never thought of using in that capacity. That is an amazing idea you have, Liz! I will definitely be borrowing that one, thanks.

  2. Scott

    (Happy birthday guys! I don’t want prizes but just wanted to wish you guys a happy one!)

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