Jul 23

Episode 54 – Oops, Liz is in Prague Special


With your hosts, Mike and Steve!  Mike makes zombies and engages in gang war, while Steve stares longingly at the Steam Sales.


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Things to give away:

1) 6d6 Tshirt – Large (UK only unless you want to help with postage?!) – Thanks to 6d6 for this!
2) $10 DTRPG Voucher
3) $5 DTRPG Voucher
4) 10 runner ups – Nearly Enough Dice Podcast postcards with something silly written on by Liz and Mike! (which also have a very special property thanks to Phil and Conpulsion 2013! a FREE Tshirt for Conpulsion 2013!)
5) Free electronic copy of Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord!! Thanks Purple Duck Games!
6) A free set of dice is also available from Awesomedice.com – thanks Awesome Dice!!
7) 1 very special runner up – a d20 from Liz’s PERSONAL COLLECTION!

How to Win – simply leave a comment on these show notes to stand a chance at winning these delicious prizes! More to come this week as well!

Tiny piece of news!

  • Edinburgh Gaming Hub opens 3rd August! Support your local gaming store! We will be!

Geeky Week

  • More Not-Yet-Vampires!
  • Victoriana!

Chris Tregenza talks about the Gaming industry!

Indie+, and controversial topics in gaming.

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Steve’s Topic

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Basic Game – Character creation
http://www.margaretweis.com/component/content/article/17-downloads/36-bonus-content-updated – Various downloads for Margaret Weis Productions RPGs
http://www.margaretweis.com/images/stories/bonus_content/mhr_randomdatafiles.pdf – Direct link for the pdf

Mike’s Topic

Running a dynamic world.

Group topic

How to run a scary game

Looking For Group!


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