Jul 16

Episode 53: Interview with Jay from The Delvers!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! We remind you of our awesome competition from Episode 52 with two brand new prizes included (and another random thing as well) – we mention that there are plenty of awesome kickstarters you need to be supporting (including the Penny Arcade one where we talk about advertising on pages) and we have our awesome interview with Jay from The Delvers! Finally our group topic – feedback from your players. How do you get feedback and how do you give feedback? Finally we sign off with some of our weirdest mumbling yet!


We have a massive competition! Look at Episode 52 for more information! Woo loot! Now with Awesome Dice and Little Red Goblin Games! Go check it out and take part!


Indie+ bundle is still live! 90 odd dollars worth of sweet sweet stuff for less than 5 dollars! Bargain! [Edit: Sorry – it seems to have run out now! Why not have a look at the The Michael Rohan Memorial Fund Charity Bundle?]

Awesome Kickstarter about Pizza! Liz wanted to mention this yet again – go now! Back it! Maybe win a pizza delivery bag!
Awesome Kickstarter by Penny Arcade for no ads! What do you think of ads?


Geeky Week

  • L5R!
  • American Soda! Oh yeah! (AKA send liz Fanta/candy/chocolate)
  • Mike has been playing Too Much Terraria (like that is a real thing).

Chris Tregenza talks about the Gaming industry!

Something very different to the usual this week – let us know what you think!


Join in the discussions! Talk to 6D6 here:

Interview with BFX from The Delvers!

After badgering us for so, so long we decided to drag him on for a chat! He runs a site called The Delvers

Group topic

Getting good criticism / feedback for your games. How do you convince your players to tell you what they liked/what sucked? How do you give good feedback as a player? Will we ever follow our own advice? Any suggestions?


Looking For Group!



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  1. burnedfx

    The post I mentioned about drama at the table, where the Mom and daughter are arguing over who would get the treasure is found here: Fighting in the Crypts.

    Thanks again!

  2. burnedfx

    I screwed that up. Here is the full url: http://thedelvers.com/2012/fighting-in-the-crypts

  3. Damian Cugley

    Regarding feedback from players, it came to me that Liz ought to be able to bring in some agile practices here:

    – Review. Everyone sits about and brags about what their character bested and got away with this session. In principle they should do this by demoing their new skills & magic items but it might be best to relax that rule for one-shot wands and the like. If you are playing in shared space it might be a fun way to follow the other campaigns.

    – Retro. The format we use is everyone writes things on as many sticky notes as they like which then go in one of two columns on a convenient whiteboard — labelled ☺ and ☹ (meaning Things That Are Good and Things We Should Try To Change). A randomly chosen facilitator then rearranges the notes in clusters according to common themes and everyone discusses how to enable the change that is desired or what we have learned from the things that went well. For an RPG everyone joins in, including the GM.

    – Stand-up. Start session with players saying OOC what they did last session and what they plan to do this one. This is the perfect time to mention in passing your ideas for a character arc.

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