Jul 09

Episode 52 – Happy Birthday Us!


With your hosts, Liz, Mike and special birthday host Phil Harris! We are officially 1 year old as of this podcast! We talk about prizes galore available for people just commenting on these show notes, we also have our amazing special guest host Phil Harris talking to us about all the awesome things he currently doing (as well as some stuff about Conpulsion 2013). We also talk about secrets in groups – should they be open or closed?


We have a MASSIVE list of goodies for you here!! Yay Birthdays!

1) 6d6 Tshirt – Large (UK only unless you want to help with postage?!) – Thanks to 6d6 for this!
2) $10 DTRPG Voucher
3) $5 DTRPG Voucher
4) 10 runner ups – Nearly Enough Dice Podcast postcards with something silly written on by Liz and Mike! (which also have a very special property thanks to Phil and Conpulsion 2013! a FREE Tshirt for Conpulsion 2013!)
5) Free electronic copy of Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord!! Thanks Purple Duck Games!
6) A free set of dice is also available from Awesomedice.com – thanks Awesome Dice!! (Please note this prize can only be given to someone from US or Canada!)
7) 1 very special runner up – a d20 from Liz’s PERSONAL COLLECTION! A 54% chance it has been thrown against a wall at some point in it’s life!

8) NEW PRIZE! A PDF copy of Doodle Dice Monster for one entrant on our competition! Thanks to Little Red Goblin Games!

How to Win – simply leave a comment on these show notes to stand a chance at winning these delicious prizes! More to come this week as well! The competition will close at Midnight on 1st August 2013! Get your entries in!

Tiny piece of very important news!

Indie+ bundle is now live! 90 odd dollars worth of sweet sweet stuff for less than 5 dollars! Bargain!

Geeky Week

  • More D&D Playtesting!
  • More Vampire!  More Not-Yet-Vampires!
  • Two games by Phil! Ordinary people game double session!
  • Delicious Skyrim!

Chris Tregenza talks about the Gaming industry!

Join in the discussions! Talk to 6D6 here:

Interview with Phil Harris (since we got him here)

Talking about all the awesome things he is up to, a reminder of all the things he has done, as well as attempt to squeeze out secrets from him about his current going ons (and probably fail miserably!).

Blazing Griffin

Phil on Twitter

Conpulsion’s website!

The closing ceremony from Conpulsion recorded by us lot!

 Tweet RPG

Our interview with Tweet RPG Creator!

Group topic

Secrets: Open or Closed. Should GM’s tell the players their character secrets in front of the rest – assuming good play and no meta-gaming from the group or should they be passed secretly to the players. Done both – so have experience to work from.


Looking For Group!



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  1. Ian

    Firstly, happy birthday.
    On to the first order of business, “just as sweet but only half as big” is most incredibad pick-up line.

  2. burnedfx

    I want phat lootz n epix from NED.

  3. Steve Ironside

    Happy Birthday! Congrats on reaching ep. 52 – I’ve decided to bake you a caik… I hope it’s OK 🙂

    ) ( ) (

  4. Matthias

    Great Job, looking forward to another year of nearly enough dice!
    And hoping for luck in the competition!

  5. Matthias

    Just wanted to add: I really enjoy a small amount of notepassing/sms/… during games if it doesn’t take overhand.
    What I _really_ enjoy as a player and as GM is taking players aside and having them retell stuff in their own words to the rest of the group afterwards.

  6. Peter

    Thanks for providing lunchtime entertainment! Happy birthday!

    1. Liz

      Thank you for listening! 😀

  7. Chuk Benscoter

    Happy birthday! I enjoy the pod casts.

  8. Phil Harris

    Thoroughly enjoyed being on the birthday show. Hope to be back and a little clearer soon. Articles are getting sorted and I also want to win prizes. 😉

  9. David Lacerte

    Good. I hope you’re happy, you completely ruined my productivity for more than an hour.

    1. Liz

      If it was listening to the podcast, then I feel no regrets 🙂

  10. Mook Le Mook

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Jesse

    HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! Finally got around to listening to the cast, and I’m really loving the fact that you guys are giving away a baby kangaroo! I’m imagining that the postage on that thing is going to be pretty insane, but I’ll be glad to help out with it if I win. Grats so much on growing over the last year, and keep doing this the way you want to. I don’t care what everyone else says, I think you’re great.

  12. Ai

    Happy birthday (again)!!! 🙂
    Pleeeeeeeeeease can I have a unit of future currency, ie a postcard? I collect them, so it would feel right at home over here…
    Also Liz: If playtest online then shout. Else sadness. Fi.

  13. Briarstomp

    Happy Birthday guys! I really enjoy your take on gaming. On the topic of notes at the table we really try to keep them to a minimum. Texting and cell phones have made it a bit easier than just 3×5 cards but it still can really bog down a game if it gets to pervasive.

  14. EldritchFire

    Happy Birthday! In dog years, you’re 7!

  15. Shaheen Savarnejad

    A litle late to the party but grats! Also, geeza postcard! I collect them!

    1. Liz

      The party is still going over here! 🙂 Good luck!

  16. Bob G.

    Happy belated birthday folks! Best wishes for many more great episodes to come!

  17. Jesse

    If we leave multiple birthday salutations, does that mean that we win multiple prizes? *insert generic smiley face here*

  18. Shade

    Happy First Birthday, you guys! Be proud of the work you’ve done, because many podcasts never last long enough to see this day.

    And I like Jesse’s idea, considering we have until next year to get these entries in! 🙂

    1. Jesse

      It’ll be well worth the wait just to get a die actually touched by Liz. Oh, and something from Mark… or Mitch… or Mike, whatever the other person’s name is.

      (Just kidding, always a big fan of yours Max)

  19. kelli

    Happy Birthday! Sorry for the delay, if I win, I promise to use my prize for the betterment of humanity, and then give it to Jesse.

    1. Jesse

      I believe donating your copy of Doodle Monsters to me would benefit humanity by possibly getting Amanda (aka the wife) to play an RPG. THAT would be a major breakthrough for (wo)man-kind.

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