Jul 01

Episode 51 – 1 more week! (Oh, and D&D Playtests…)


With your hosts, Mike and Liz!  We speak of battlemats – whether you love them or hate them. When do you use battlemats and do you think they help? Mike chats about fumble tables (and why it sucks as a level 16 battlemaster to “accidentally” drop your sword because you are incompetent) , and we are Very Vague and NDA Compliant about D&D next (the one time we vehemently disagree on something, we can’t talk about it! Arrggghh!)



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Geeky Week

  • Liz has been using Fitocracy – Level 3 already yeah!
  • More Vampire!  More Vampires!
  • D&D Playtest! Woot woot!


Chris Tregenza isn’t talking this week however…

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Liz’s Topic

Mike’s Topic

  • What makes a good critical/fumble table/system?

Group topic!

D&D Next! A bit of general (Non-NDA breaking) discussions and banter! Woohoo! We love <REDACTED>!


Looking For Group!


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  1. whodo_voodoo

    Just a quick comment with regards LFG – Saturday GUGS is not currently running due to the summer recess but should be restarting once the new academic term starts.

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