Aug 14

Episode 5: Gentle Ben! NO!


Episode 5 Show Notes

Part 1: Intros!

  • Mike
  • Liz had to be executed “I am not dead yet!”

Geeky things this week!

Part 2: News!

Part 3: Liz’s Bit!

Geeky weddings! Cool, not cool? How far is too far? Examples from my wedding! Invites, cakes, music? Some other examples!

Part 4: Mike’s Bit!

Liz Mike is going to talk about Accessories for your game – Are you just overcomplicating by bringing in loads of tat? Is there useful tat? Amazing things made that really DO improve your game!

Part 5: Group Topic!

Evil Players!  Threat or menace?  Can it work?  Evil players in good groups?  Good players in evil groups?  And is “Chaotic Neutral” just evil in disguise?

Part 6: Looking for Group!

Give us a shout if you want your group mentioned if you are looking for players or a player looking for group!


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  1. Naomi

    Hi again!!

    On geeky weddings that a certain member of the podcast came to the evening do (but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say which one) I do agree with going for traditional with certain touches of geekiness. To be honest I think I woosed (or lazed) out on having themed tables, but I worked hard on making them Scottish themed instead. My touches of geekiness came to certain tracks I picked out for the evening to come out every now and again so it wouldn’t scare off the guests too much. Our opening dance was to Melodies of Life – English version – which is the ending theme to Final Fantasy IX. Now if anyone wants to listen to the lyrics you will see how beautiful and apt I felt it was for the wedding. ( I also feel I have to add that the other half gave up any and all rights when it came to soundtrack choices even when I asked him to pick, but he liked my choice so it’s ok and too late now). The other geeky track that was pure indulgence was Still Alive as sung by GLaDOS.

    So yeah, I think you have to consider who comes to your wedding, because if I had geeked out completely I wouldn’t have enjoyed the wedding so much because I would have noticed people not enjoying themselves which would have upset me.

    Right, bye bye again – and looking forward to pictures of the battle zone cake!

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