Jun 03

Episode 47


With your hosts, Mike and Liz!  This week, Liz joins us from Foreign Parts!  Mike stays at home!  Chris returns from Birmingham! In the Geeky Week, King’s Landing has a bit of a siege, L5R has party infighting, and the Pathfinder group has Dragon fighting! Liz talks about her latest RPG project she has going on at the moment while Mike talks about alignments and the important difference between lawful and Lawful. Finally our group topic is to start a flame war between homebrew systems and pre-written adventure modules! Which one do you prefer? Is one better than the other?

Apologises for all the sound quality issues – we blame the terrible hotel internet that Liz was staying at!


Thanks to Jesse again! We feel loved!
Thanks to Dave!
Thanks to Rebecca for the reminder of my property damage at university!

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Geeky Week

  • Game of Thrones
  • L5R!
  • Pathfinder!


Chris Tregenza Talks to us about the Gaming Industry!

Chris is talking about Birmingham Games Expo and how it went for him!

Liz’s Topic

The difference between writing a published adventure module and a homebrew adventure module!

Mike’s Topic

Talking about unextreme alignments!  UNEXTREEEEEEME!

Group topic!

Homebrew or adventure modules? Which is better? Do you ever run Homebrews? Do you ever run Adventure modules? A bit of both?

Looking For Group!

  • Lothian Gamers – we have to keep mentioning them!
  • nearbygamers.com for helping you find nearby gamers! A bit sparse at the moment for the UK…but we can fix that!


1 comment

  1. Bob G.

    Regarding Mike’s topic on alignment, I have used a system where characters assigned themselves a score between 3-18 on each of the law-chaos and good-evil axes, the total of which must equal 21. The higher the number, the stronger the commitment to the beliefs. If a character was ever in doubt about an action their character was about to undertake, they could set a DC for the action, and then roll as though they were making an ability check.
    For example, Fallon, a Chaotic Good ranger, has the following alignment scores: Chaos 15, Evil 2, Good 19, Law 6. She finds herself in her home city during tax collection season, and must decide if she will pay the taxes required of her to the city government. Fallon’s player is uncertain of the character’s reaction, so she decides to use her alignment score to determine what Fallon will do. First, she sets a task DC for the proposed action. She decides that the paying of taxes is a lawful action, and will use her Law score to determine the outcome. Since the payment of taxes is a fairly routine lawful event, she decides on a task DC of 10. She then looks at her law score the same way as she would any ability score. Fallon’s law score is 6, so she would apply a –2 modifier to her alignment check. She rolls against a DC of 10 and gets a 6. Applying her –2 modifier for her alignment score, the final result is 4; a failed check. Fallon’s player decides that Fallon is indignant about the taxes, and seeks to avoid payment.

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