May 21

Episode 45 – 7 weeks remaining!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! Pathfinder is finally back for Liz and she talks about three very close brushes with death. Mike’s Vampire game is on it’s last week and L5R continues with another character death! Liz’s topic this week is all about Diablo 3 which will be absorbing her life and it’s one horrible feature. Mike will be talking about Supervillains saving the world and Chris Tregenza’s section continues where he talks about the 6D6 Propaganda machine!


Thanks to the DM of The Delvers for his feedback this week! http://www.roleplayingtips.com/tools/1000-npc-traits/

From Jesse: D&D Any

Geeky Week

  • L5R!  Brett loses another character!  Just not his, for once…
  • Pathfinder! Lich! Close deaths!
  • Vampire: Last week for our 400 year old Vampires… And I get to use my new dice for the first time!


Chris Tregenza Talks to us about the Gaming Industry!

Looking at their marketing approach and the “Ministry of propaganda machine” for the 6D6 brand and trying to get their message out clearly to a wider audience!

Liz’s Topic

Liz talks about Diablo 3 and what she loves and almost doesn’t love about it. She also goes into more detail about the Worst Feature Ever implemented in this Blizzard game.

Mike’s Topic

Savage Worlds and Necessary Evil, Explorer’s Edition

Group topic!

Dice!  What we like about ‘em, what we hate about ‘em, dice, dice, dice!

Mike’s Pound-O-Dice pics!


Liz’s Dice Links:


Looking For Group!

  • Lothian Gamers – we have to keep mentioning them!
  • nearbygamers.com for helping you find nearby gamers! A bit sparse at the moment for the UK…but we can fix that!


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  1. Jesse

    Thank you very much for the link appreciation. You guys are great, and it’s amazing that you give your listeners such a platform to express their opinions. Again, thank you for the mention and keep up the great work.

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